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Authentic Thai martial Arts

Thai Martial Arts For Children

What is Muay Thai

Muay Thai translated in english is Thai Boxing. It is known as the art of 8 limbs meaning fists, elbows, legs and knees are used. The art itself comes from Thailand

Our Classes

Something For All The Children

Our classes are divided into two groups LiL Dragons and Warriors. The LiL Dragons age from 4-10 years old, this class mainly consists of playing games as well as learning the basics of Muay Thai. 

The Warriors is for children age 10-18, this class focuses more on the techniques in Muay Thai, there is more padwork and sparring in the warrior class.


Introduction to Muay Thai

When your child learns Muay Thai they will start to grow in confidence, learn how to overcome fears, learn self defence. We also teach them how to count and learn certain words in Thai.


Fundamentals at DC Muay Thai

Every child is different and we encourage the children to train and develop at their own pace. We believe that if a child is pushed to do certain techniques they won't perform it to the best of their ability.

Contact Us

Chessington Sports Centre
Garrison Lane

07368 371 584

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